Established in 1998, ArawjoTours, LLC is a travel organization owned and operated by Kevin W. Arawjo, a retired college lecturer who taught history and political philosophy for nineteen years at various colleges in the Lehigh Valley, including DeSales University and Penn State Lehigh Valley. Several times a year, the ArawjoTours travel family--often referred to as the Global Nomads--sets off for different destinations around the world in order to explore the wonders, beauty and rich variety of diverse cultures and to promote international awareness. (Our motto is Cives Mundi, which is Latin for "Citizens of the World.")

Ranging in age from two to ninety-two, ArawjoTours participants consist of many "regulars" who form the nucleus of a tight-knit community of people who share a love of travel and who treat each other as members of an extended family. It is precisely this community-oriented aspect of ArawjoTours that distinguishes the ArawjoTours travel experience from that of other large-scale tour operators who often charge exorbitant prices and who do not offer the same kind of esprit de corps that exists among the Global Nomads. We always welcome new travelers into our entourage and invite you to take part in the next ArawjoTours adventure abroad. For information on prices and destinations, view this website and/or contact Kevin Arawjo directly at one of the addresses listed in the Contact section of this site.